The Summoning

by Bentley Little “We’re here to talk about vampires,” the mayor said. He scanned the room, waiting and prepared for a reaction, but there was none. No one smiled, no one laughed, no one spoke. A somewhat unique take on the vampire, The Summoning takes place in the small Arizona town of Rio Verde where... Continue Reading →

The Straw Men

by Michael Marshall “Sometimes the truth isn’t what you want to know. Sometimes the truth is best left to itself.” We’ve looked at a decent amount of horror here, and while the intricacy falls short of tales like The Angel’s Game or The Club Dumas, this book is one of the more complex. You’ll probably... Continue Reading →


by Stephen King Nowadays everybody wants to talk like they’ve got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, but The Stand. And mothafuckas act like they forgot about IT. First thing, there's no disparaging The Stand, that's just a catchy intro if you've ever listened to rap. His apocalyptic novel... Continue Reading →

Holiday Horrors

by Various Authors “I chuckle to myself to keep from sobbing. It's been over a year since I've seen my children.” (from "Visitation Rights") A chapbook from Cemetery Dance containing 4 Christmas-themed short stories, Holiday Horrors is super-fast and is a great read at this time of year. In no particular order: "Stocking Stuffers" by... Continue Reading →

John Dies at the End

by David Wong “He gathered all of his concentration and went about rolling the one, perfect cigarette that could save our universe.” This books is crazy and not in the Hannibal Lector way. More like the Douglas Adams meets Ace Ventura way. Mainly concerning the two friends David and John, and later Amy, the story... Continue Reading →

Dark Screams Volumes 1-5

Dark Screams Vol. 1 - Richard Chizmar, Brian James Freeman (Ed.) “You can’t predict what a man will do in a given situation after he reaches a certain degree of dumbness, because the man himself doesn’t know if he’s going to s--t or put his fingers in the fan.” -Stephen King, ‘Weeds’ Consisting of 5... Continue Reading →

Black Evening

by David Morrell “The truth was, even if I had his promise in writing, the studio’s lawyers could have it nullified if Wes claimed he’d been misled. This town wouldn’t function if people kept their word.” Somewhere in 2013, steeped in short stories and novellas, I began to get a better grip on where my... Continue Reading →


by John Shirley "Funny how here, the men posses demons and not vice versa." Demons is the story of indestructible, supernatural creatures ravaging the planet as unstoppable killing machines but not in large enough numbers to destroy the population. With the demon invaders numbering only a few thousand, though some can be in more than... Continue Reading →

More Than Midnight

by Brian James Freeman “Screaming wouldn’t open doors, wouldn’t extinguish flames, and it certainly wouldn’t put the demon back in the basement.” This is a concise collection of short stories, like Dreamlike States and Weak and Wounded, and packs a nice punch into a small package. More Than Midnight consists mainly of traditional horror, dealing... Continue Reading →

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