The Rise of Endymion

by Dan Simmons “Humans have been waiting for Jesus and Yahweh and E.T. to save their asses since before they covered those asses with bearskins and came out of the cave,” she said. “They’ll have to keep waiting. This is our business … our fight … and we have to take care of it ourselves.”... Continue Reading →

The Heroes

by Joe Abercrombie Victory and defeat, glory and oblivion, in absolute balance. The perfect moment. A massive book clocking in around 200,000 words, The Heroes is the story of the Northmen trying to protect a piece of ground from the advancing armies of the Union. The fight takes place over four days. There’s a style... Continue Reading →

Best Served Cold

by Joe Abercrombie “Men are easily replaced. The world is full of them.” Monza has worked her way up the ladder and is the leader of a powerful group of mercenaries. Her brother is betrayed by the duke and is killed in front of her, and her own body is broken and thrown down a... Continue Reading →

The Terror

by Dan Simmons With luck he'd get almost two hours of a drunkard's sleep before the next day of darkness and cold began. With luck, he thought as he drifted off, he wouldn't wake at all. The Terror is the fictionalized true story of Francis Crozier’s disastrous attempt to find a passage through the polar northern... Continue Reading →

The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

by Robert E. Howard “Man was not always master of the earth—and is he now?” Here he is, the legendary creator of the Sword and Sorcery genre, in his element. Even in their adventure tales it was horror and darkness that shaped Conan’s stoicism and provided the motive for Solomon Kane. Bran Mok Mon lived... Continue Reading →


by Dan Simmons “Sometimes . . . the shortest route to courage is absolute ignorance.” Set a few hundred years after the conclusion of The Fall of Hyperion, our narrator, Raul Endymion, trapped in a jail cell that will kill him at any moment, recalls the adventures leading up to his incarceration. The Cruciform, a... Continue Reading →

Worlds of Weber

by David Weber Every time I've gotten into trouble in my life, it's been because someone convinced me it was the 'right thing to do.' This career retrospective collection covers a range of speculative fiction including some decently hard science fiction, some military fantasy and some historical fiction. It’s a massive book with a quarter... Continue Reading →

A Touch of the Creature

by Charles Beaumont Satan sipped at his liquor and scrooged up his face. “This here is a highly unusual conversation,” says he. “Hmm. You want ta know what I do with souls, hey? Let’s see now: give me a minute ta study . . . Hmm. You mean, what do I do with—Well, I—That is—Hellfire,... Continue Reading →

This Year’s Class Picture

by Dan Simmons “Mr. Geiss grunted, pulled the new boy to his feet with the wire noose, opened the door with one hand, and shoved him in ahead of her with the pole. There would be just enough time for cleanup before the first bell rang.” The zombie sub-genre has been run into the ground... Continue Reading →

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