Dangerous Visions

by Various Authors, Harlan Ellison (Ed.) Riots are the opium of the people. Some say it’s past its time, that when it was first published it may have been ‘dangerous,’ but today much of the book is downright tame with many of the ideas presented in the 1960’s blunted with time. Dangerous Visions has most... Continue Reading →

The John Varley Reader

by John Varley Onto this stage of dashed hopes, as he had so many times before, strode the Devil. Science fiction grandmaster John Varley serves up his greatest stories in this retrospective collection. And his agenda becomes clear quite quickly. He’s not wrong. He holds no apparent ill will to the human race and laments... Continue Reading →

The Foundation trilogy

by Isaac Asimov “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right!” In 1966 the Hugo Awards presented a new category: Best All-Time Series. Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy won, knocking out its competition which included no less than The Lord of the Rings. Using advanced mathematics Hari Seldon has predicted the fall... Continue Reading →

The Fireman

by Joe Hill “These days, I’m not sure it’s ever a good idea to leave anything important for tomorrow.” An epidemic of spontaneous human combustion is sweeping the world, caused by a disease known as Dragonscale which is accompanied by black and gold markers on the skin. While spread of the disease isn’t fully understood,... Continue Reading →

The Martian Chronicles

by Ray Bradbury “Amoebas cannot sin because they reproduce by fission. They do not covet wives or murder each other. Add sex to amoebas, add arms and legs, and you would have murder and adultery.” The Martian Chronicles consists of a series of short stories stitched together to form a cohesive whole greater than the... Continue Reading →

House of Leaves

by Mark Danielewski “Darkness is impossible to remember.” Johnny Truant, partyhound, wastrel, discovers the unfinished manuscript of the recently deceased Zampano containing details of The Navidson Record, a kind of found footage film released by Miramax. The film covers the two underground short films “The Five Minute Hallway” and “Exploration #4.” “The Five Minute Hallway”... Continue Reading →

The Mammoth Book of Black Magic

by Various Authors, Mike Ashley (Ed.) “Insanity is not what you see, but what you admit to seeing. … Craziness is the compulsion to explain.” -Esther M. Friesner, “In the Realm of Dragons” This one’s big, as the more astute may have gleaned from the title. Clocking in at nearly 200,000 words this book had... Continue Reading →

War in Heaven

by Charles Williams “He has come,” the Greek said, “for the same reason that we are here – because in the whole world of Being everything makes haste to its doom.” A contemporary of C.S. Lewis, a devout Christian and a very smart man, Charles Williams has two novels appearing in Dennis Wheatley’s Library of... Continue Reading →

Sympathy for the Devil

by Various Authors, Tim Pratt (Ed.) "I don’t think there was a nine-year-old that ever lived who would have been able to convince his father he’d seen the Devil come walking out of the woods in a black suit." -Stephen King In terms of average rating, anthologies have a significant challenge pulling off a high... Continue Reading →

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