First Blood

by David Morrell “If I thought there was the slightest chance of your beating them, I’d gladly tell you to keep on the move. But I know you can’t get away. Believe me. I know it. Please. While you still can, give up and get out of this alive. There’s nothing you can do.” “Watch... Continue Reading →

Nightworld (The Adversary Cycle book 6)

by F. Paul Wilson “If he wants this world, he’s going to have to earn it!” Nightworld fully unites the surviving main characters from all previous books in the cycle into one cataclysmic battle vs. the end of everything. Mr. Wilson has a talent for building characters we fall in love with, then dispatching them... Continue Reading →

Reprisal (The Adversary Cycle book 5)

by F. Paul Wilson “No, Carol. He needs to learn all he can about the world. After all, it’s going to be his someday.” Reprisal continues the story of Father William Ryan, beginning about 20 years after the end of the previous book, Reborn. He has shed his identity, his priesthood, his friends and family,... Continue Reading →

Reborn (The Adversary Cycle book 4)

by F. Paul Wilson “He had wanted to know, he had hungered for answers. The hunger had driven him to the farthest, darkest corners of the world, where he had learned too much.” The fourth book in the Adversary Cycle, Reborn functions as the first book in its own trilogy within the six book cycle.... Continue Reading →

The Touch (The Adversary Cycle book 3)

by F. Paul Wilson "I forgot to say my prayers." "That's okay, Love," he said soothingly and she went back to sleep immediately. There's nobody listening anyway. The third book in the Adversary cycle, and the last of the standalones before the trilogy, this is best so far. Dr. Alan Bulmer, a general practitioner M.D.,... Continue Reading →

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