by Stephen King

Nowadays everybody wants to talk like they’ve got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, but The Stand.
And mothafuckas act like they forgot about IT.

First thing, there’s no disparaging The Stand, that’s just a catchy intro if you’ve ever listened to rap. His apocalyptic novel is undeniably one of the best. But it’s true most of the public considers The Stand his number one fiction novel, or at least ahead of IT, and perhaps that shouldn’t be the a case.

A group of seven children confronts an unspeakable, unassailable evil, and emerge scarred but victorious. 27 years later they’ve moved on and forgotten all about the monster they defeated, the town they’re from, and each other. But It’s back, and they must return to Derry, remember their childhoods and fight again, this time with diminished weapons of imagination they wielded as children.

Rich and detailed, things move leisurely after the opening scenes. It can take a massive chunk of reading before you’re all the way back in. IT takes it’s time getting good and hot, and don’t force it all at once if you’re restless. Read other stories if you need in between chapters. But come back. Because IT’s worth it.

If you read this only as a kid it’s rewarding to go at again from an adult perspective, complimenting your dimming memories from the youth perspective. Mr. Chizmar from Cemetery Dance will be taking a long look at this book as part of his SK Revisited and will do an excellent job, so a final thought from IT:

“Be true, be brave, stand. All the rest is darkness.”

5 stars

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