Against the Fall of Night

by Arthur C. Clarke In his play he had now found the ultimate, deadly toy which might wreck what was left of human civilization—but whatever the outcome, to him it would still be a game. Earth has changed from what we now recognize, being hundreds of millions of years in the future, and mankind both... Continue Reading →

A Scent of New-Mown Hay

by John Blackburn “Gentlemen, a pestilence has broken out in the northern regions of the Soviet Union. A pestilence so terrible that if we cannot stop it we are finished. And so are you.” Part horror, part science fiction and part crime procedural, A Scent of New-Mown Hay takes place during and slightly after World... Continue Reading →

Two-Handed Engine

by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore “It reminds me of the old story about the guy who took a short cut through a haunted forest on Hallowe’en,” Cynthia said. “He was thinking that he’d always been on the level, and if devils could get him just because he was in the forest, there just wasn’t... Continue Reading →

The Delicate Dependency

by Michael Talbot "You are confronting a reality you do not have the powers of conceptualization to understand." Dr. Gladstone, a Victorian gentleman deeply engaged in his study of the flu virus after losing his wife to it, discovers a strain that prohibits antigens—a virus which disallows the human body any form of self-defense. The... Continue Reading →

Anthony Shriek

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Come, I will teach you futility. Young Anthony, student and artist, meets the enigmatic Emily, and the two of them engage in a dark romance that sees the artist in danger of slowly losing his mind as Emily struggles to convince him they are both actually displaced demons and live by... Continue Reading →

The Girl in a Swing

by Richard Adams Though I cannot tell why, I know without doubt that I shall never again undergo any supernatural experience. That music has ended, and now there will be silence. Alan Desland, a porcelain and fine china dealer approaching middle age, has accepted his lot and found satisfaction being alone and working towards bettering... Continue Reading →

Pop. 1280

by Jim Thompson What I loved was myself, and I was willing to do anything I god-dang had to to go on lying and cheating and drinking whiskey and screwing women and going to church on Sunday with all the other respectable people. The apparently slow-witted sheriff in the 47th largest county in a state... Continue Reading →

The Grifters

by Jim Thompson Where had it all started? she wondered. Where the beginning of this detour which had sidetracked civilization into mixing drinks with one hand and stirring up bombs with the other? Roy’s a grifter, born to a 14-year-old mother and a world where thinking fast and moving faster isn’t a con, it’s just... Continue Reading →

A Swell-Looking Babe

by Jim Thompson That had been almost a year ago, back before he had lost his capacity for being insulted, before he had learned  simply to accept... and hate. Dusty Rhodes is a bellhop at a high end hotel, a job that has him involved in all manner of hijinks and pays well, and he needs... Continue Reading →

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