by Matthew Costello The guns neatly nested in the foam. Boxes of shells on the side. The small, timed explosives. A larger flashlight. Crazy, he thought, to be traveling with this. But then he thought, Crazier not to. The world has been overrun by Can Heads (zombies), and no one knows how it started. Jack... Continue Reading →

In Sunlight or In Shadow

by Various Authors, Lawrence Block (Ed.) “He came from Albany, and people who come from there get what they deserve.” -Stephen King, “The Music Room” We’ve all seen Edward Hopper’s art, whether we’ve sought it out or not. There’s a subtly sad, understated despair in much of it. Sometimes it’s the perspective, evoking loneliness from... Continue Reading →

The Twelve (The Passage trilogy vol. 2)

by Justin Cronin “We’re all dying, baby. Fair enough. But some of us more than others.” The players from book 1 of the trilogy have separated and scattered with many years having passed before this book begins. Much like The Passage, this one starts with a serious bang and maintains a fantastic pace for its... Continue Reading →

Dark Debts

by Karen Hall “The question we should all be asking ourselves is not ‘How could this happen?’ but “Why did it take so long?’” The book’s 20th anniversary release comes with rewritten text, an updated ending and a new character, all of which is intended to address shortcomings some perceived in the original cult classic.... Continue Reading →

Dinner with the Cannibal Sisters

by Douglas Clegg “I stabbed deep wounds into the heaving breast of truth, desperate for this opportunity to make my fortune.” A young reporter wants to make his mark on the world like what had happened with the journalists behind other sensational stories such as the Lizzie Borden murders. Black magic, cannibalism, ritualistic sacrifices and... Continue Reading →

The Fireman

by Joe Hill “These days, I’m not sure it’s ever a good idea to leave anything important for tomorrow.” An epidemic of spontaneous human combustion is sweeping the world, caused by a disease known as Dragonscale which is accompanied by black and gold markers on the skin. While spread of the disease isn’t fully understood,... Continue Reading →

The Passage (The Passage trilogy vol. 1)

by Justin Cronin “It’s all over, isn’t it, Amy?” He looked down at the girl’s sleeping form and gently touched her hand. “Over at last.” Wolgast could stand it no more. “What’s over?” Lear lifted his face; his eyes were full of tears. “Everything.” Vampires. If any of us are duped into reading another book... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer

by Rick Hautala “What?” Billy was flabbergasted and started thinking maybe he couldn’t handle all of this “adult world” stuff. Maybe he should go find his friends and just be a kid. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that Mr. Hautala had never had a pretentious thought in his life. He didn’t seem to be... Continue Reading →

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