Darker Places

by Richard Matheson "You're improving on evolution then." "Let's just say cooperating with it." In his introduction Mr. Matheson makes it clear these were predominately earlier stories and that he tried over his career to maintain his distance from the horror and dread contained here. He never wanted these published, considering them too dark and... Continue Reading →

First Blood

by David Morrell “If I thought there was the slightest chance of your beating them, I’d gladly tell you to keep on the move. But I know you can’t get away. Believe me. I know it. Please. While you still can, give up and get out of this alive. There’s nothing you can do.” “Watch... Continue Reading →

Midnight Promises

by Richard Chizmar “I… I thought I was the only one. But… but you’re like me, aren’t you?” she asked. “Like you and then some.” Richard Chizmar’s outstanding collection of short stories, Midnight Promises, is another title suggested from John R. Little’s favorite 10 collections list. An unmistakable pattern is his choices has emerged. The... Continue Reading →

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