In A Glass Darkly

by Sheridan le Fanu “All lights are the same to me,” he said; “except when I read or write, I care not if night were perpetual.” There are five stories in this rather sizable book, which makes them more novella or novelette length than shorts, despite the book being known as a short story collection.... Continue Reading →

Elasticity – The Best of Elastic Press

by Various Authors, Andrew Hook (Ed.) I lay there, unable to move, remembering what it felt like to die. No one alive should know what that's like.  -Marion Arnott Consisting of fourteen short stories and one novella, this book contains nine original works and six that were scavenged from prior release and brought under the Elastic... Continue Reading →

Two-Handed Engine

by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore “It reminds me of the old story about the guy who took a short cut through a haunted forest on Hallowe’en,” Cynthia said. “He was thinking that he’d always been on the level, and if devils could get him just because he was in the forest, there just wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Visions

by Various Authors, Harlan Ellison (Ed.) Riots are the opium of the people. Some say it’s past its time, that when it was first published it may have been ‘dangerous,’ but today much of the book is downright tame with many of the ideas presented in the 1960’s blunted with time. Dangerous Visions has most... Continue Reading →

The John Varley Reader

by John Varley Onto this stage of dashed hopes, as he had so many times before, strode the Devil. Science fiction grandmaster John Varley serves up his greatest stories in this retrospective collection. And his agenda becomes clear quite quickly. He’s not wrong. He holds no apparent ill will to the human race and laments... Continue Reading →

The Complete Slayers

by Paul Cain This is going to be a lot of fun, even if it doesn’t work. Fast One (novel) Kells, a tough guy, gun-for-hire and one man army, is asked to enter into a partnership with a city crime boss in order to stave off rivals due to Kells’ heavy reputation. A bloodbath is... Continue Reading →

In Sunlight or In Shadow

by Various Authors, Lawrence Block (Ed.) “He came from Albany, and people who come from there get what they deserve.” -Stephen King, “The Music Room” We’ve all seen Edward Hopper’s art, whether we’ve sought it out or not. There’s a subtly sad, understated despair in much of it. Sometimes it’s the perspective, evoking loneliness from... Continue Reading →

The Foundation trilogy

by Isaac Asimov “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right!” In 1966 the Hugo Awards presented a new category: Best All-Time Series. Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy won, knocking out its competition which included no less than The Lord of the Rings. Using advanced mathematics Hari Seldon has predicted the fall... Continue Reading →

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