by Neil Gaiman “Melinda thinks the sun looks beaten.” More poetry than prose, Melinda is very short graphic novel bound as a limited edition hardcover and is heavily illustrated by Dagmara Matuszak with full page black and white drawings as well as half page color plates pasted in. It’s a sad, brief walk through a... Continue Reading →

I Tell You It’s Love

by Joe R. Lansdale "The beautiful woman had no eyes, just sparkles of light where they should have been--or so it seemed in the candlelight." I Tell You It’s Love is the macabre tale of two lovers and their dangerously escalating pain fetishes. When their desires rise to the point they’re no longer able to... Continue Reading →

The Killing Joke

by Alan Moore “There were these two guys in a lunatic asylum . . . ” Joker has again escaped from Arkham. This time, he’s not content with replenishing depleted funds to gain world power, he doesn’t want to punish society and he’s not looking for revenge. He wants to prove everyone in the world... Continue Reading →

Hellblazer Vol. 3: The Fear Machine

by Jamie Delano “You could bet your soddin’ life if I was one of those poncy, media-darling super-heroes and a couple of civilians got creamed in the crossfire, no one’d even mention it. Christ, somebody would’ve bought the movie rights by now.” Written by Jamie Delano with covert art by mostly by Dave McKean with... Continue Reading →

From Hell

by Alan Moore “Knight of the East, you stand accused of mayhems that have placed our brotherhood in jeopardy, before your peers, masons and doctors both.” “I have no peers here present.” 1888 saw a series of murders and mutilations that shocked the world and gave us one of the most infamous killers in history.... Continue Reading →

Gods’ Man

by Lynd Ward An entirely wordless novel told through woodcuts alone, the book details a young artist traveling to a new city who gives his last coin to a beggar. He's unable to pay for his later meal and the proprietor is about to get nasty when the artist offers a drawing in lieu of... Continue Reading →

Hellblazer Vol. 2: “Antarctica”

by Jamie Delano (from Hellblazer vol. 2 - The Devil You Know) "Hell is a slow, cold dream… a numb descent to absolute zero… a dead-eyed observation of atrocity. It’s where you go to chill out when the horror catches up with you. You can easily die there, and never even care." Hellblazer is the... Continue Reading →

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