Holiday Horrors

by Various Authors

“I chuckle to myself to keep from sobbing. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen my children.”
(from “Visitation Rights”)

A chapbook from Cemetery Dance containing 4 Christmas-themed short stories, Holiday Horrors is super-fast and is a great read at this time of year.

In no particular order:

“Stocking Stuffers” by Ray Garton is a bloody tale where a man recounts to a prostitute why he hates Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, Asshole” by Robert Brouhard is tale of revenge as a philanderer’s past exploits have returned to haunt him during the holidays.

“The Christmas Creep” by Glen Krisch deals with the daughter of a strung-out mother, the mother herself, the sweet old grandmother and the underlying evil in a decaying town where it’s always Christmas.

“Visitation Rights” by Kealan Patrick Burke is a heart-heavy story about a divorced man trying to reconcile with his two daughters over Christmas despite a long absence imposed by an embittered ex-wife. This one opens the book and steals the show.

This chapbook cost about $4 and is worth so much more. Every one is good, but don’t miss that Burke story (also found his collection, Dead of Winter).

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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