Bird Box

by Josh Malerman It’s the end times, people. And if it’s a matter of a creature our brains are incapable of comprehending, then we deserve it. People begin committing suicide in strange, escalating acts of violence and conspiracy theorists start believing the deaths have something to do with creatures, demons, spirits or aliens they’ve seen immediately... Continue Reading →

The Parasite (aka To Wake the Dead)

by Ramsey Campbell She was edging closer to the brink of what she had used to believe was reality. Nothing seemed solid enough to comfort her now. Avid horror readers know something of the occult, even if only by osmosis. Because the field is rife with reports of secret knowledge, taboo by entrenched religion, firmly... Continue Reading →

Darker Places

by Richard Matheson "You're improving on evolution then." "Let's just say cooperating with it." In his introduction Mr. Matheson makes it clear these were predominately earlier stories and that he tried over his career to maintain his distance from the horror and dread contained here. He never wanted these published, considering them too dark and... Continue Reading →

Broken Empire, The – trilogy

by Mark Lawrence The Builders are extinct and the world exists in a technologically bereft dark ages where the walls of reality are wearing thin while our main character quests for revenge and the throne. Jorg is relentless, brutal and thinking only of himself as he kills everyone in his path. This 14-year-old prince is... Continue Reading →

Limbus, Inc. Book II

by Various Authors, Brett J. Talley (Ed.) “You can probably already tell that I am simply filled to the fucking brim with a joy for life and an overwhelming love of my fellow man, so—my whimsical wit and sparkling conversation skills aside, pay attention.” (Braunbeck) Prologue: Darknet hacker Conrad ‘Jack Rabbit’ McKay is laying low in... Continue Reading →

Limbus, Inc.

by Various Authors – Anne C. Petty (Ed.) “There always is a story. And there is a story here, Mr. Dixson. But you must discover it. If you are to do that, you must see what I have to show you. You must understand the world better than you know it now.” Limbus, Inc. is... Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Gospels

by Clive Barker “Some die too soon. Most live too long.” The last five of Earth’s magicians are gathered together to resurrect their leader, a man previously destroyed by Hell. The master magician regains life and berates his followers for disturbing his peace, explaining their folly, but they’re panicked by the systematic erasure off all... Continue Reading →

First Blood

by David Morrell “If I thought there was the slightest chance of your beating them, I’d gladly tell you to keep on the move. But I know you can’t get away. Believe me. I know it. Please. While you still can, give up and get out of this alive. There’s nothing you can do.” “Watch... Continue Reading →

Midnight Promises

by Richard Chizmar “I… I thought I was the only one. But… but you’re like me, aren’t you?” she asked. “Like you and then some.” Richard Chizmar’s outstanding collection of short stories, Midnight Promises, is another title suggested from John R. Little’s favorite 10 collections list. An unmistakable pattern is his choices has emerged. The... Continue Reading →

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