Vengeance is Mine!

by Mickey Spillane "Cut it out." "No." She drew the word out. Her eyes were half closed. "It's me that wants you, Mike. I'll do what I can to get you. I won't stop. There's never been anyone else like you." "Later." "Now." Sex! Gorgeous, naked women feature heavily in this novel, and that’s saying something... Continue Reading →

My Gun is Quick

by Mickey Spillane He couldn't lose me now or ever. I was the guy with the cowl and the scythe. I had a hundred and forty black horses under me and an hourglass in my hand, laughing like crazy until the tears rolled down my cheeks. Our ultra-violent, hard as rock private detective Mike Hammer... Continue Reading →

Queen of Blood

by Charles Nuetzel What looked like a history-making meeting is turning into a nightmare. A signal from outer space has recently been discovered, and soon after evidence of an alien ship landing on Mars follows. An expedition is launched to recover what is thought to be an alien spacecraft and rescue any survivors. The already... Continue Reading →

I, the Jury

by Mickey Spillane Maybe I'll even give the rat a chance to get me. More likely not. I hate too hard and shoot too fast. Mickey Spillane’s first published novel introduces the iconic private investigator, Mike Hammer. As the book opens Hammer is standing over the body of his best friend Jack who’s been shot... Continue Reading →

The Slime Beast (Vintage Horrors #3)

by Guy N. Smith Safety here. Death there. No warning. This review’s going to be written in the first person because it’s got to be crystal clear, all the way through, that these are my own opinions on this extreme version of camp horror and that there must be many people out there who enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Heat Rises (Nikki Heat vol. 3)

by Richard Castle Rook asked, "Did you really stab him with an icicle?" When she nodded, he said, "Please, tell me you said 'Freeze,' because that would be only perfect." (Sigh.) The guilty pleasures of Castle and the devastatingly beautiful Stana Katic (Kate Beckett aka Nikki Heat) must be set aside, as it’s about time... Continue Reading →

Naked Heat (Nikki Heat vol. 2)

by Richard Castle “Your theory is interesting, except for one flaw.” “Which is?” “I wasn’t listening.” A gossip columnist has been murdered and Nikki is assigned to the case. She and Rook are on the outs since his article about the department, which ended up being essentially about her, embarrassed the detective and generally pissed... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave (Nikki Heat vol. 1)

by Richard Castle If you study horror, concerned with the dark forces devouring the world, then a switch to simple murderers is like a walk through Candy Land. However, a recent obsession with a cancelled show led to the Nikki Heat books, and it’s a journey worth taking. It’s tough to explain the impact of... Continue Reading →

The Trial

by Franz Kafka "It's only because of their stupidity that they're able to be so sure of themselves." Joseph K. is accused of a crime and arrested, though he is unable to find out what he has been accused of due to obfuscating rules and an encumbered legal system. His trial unfolds over the course... Continue Reading →

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