The Elementals

by Michael McDowell In the waves one could hear anything: the siren’s call or the scraping tread of the dead on the sand. Luker and his 13-year-old daughter India are called away from New York to Luker’s home town in Alabama for a funeral. The family decides to spend some time in the secluded beach... Continue Reading →


Queen of Blood

by Charles Nuetzel What looked like a history-making meeting is turning into a nightmare. A signal from outer space has recently been discovered, and soon after evidence of an alien ship landing on Mars follows. An expedition is launched to recover what is thought to be an alien spacecraft and rescue any survivors. The already... Continue Reading →

The Slime Beast (Vintage Horrors #3)

by Guy N. Smith Safety here. Death there. No warning. This review’s going to be written in the first person because it’s got to be crystal clear, all the way through, that these are my own opinions on this extreme version of camp horror and that there must be many people out there who enjoy this... Continue Reading →

The Trial

by Franz Kafka "It's only because of their stupidity that they're able to be so sure of themselves." Joseph K. is accused of a crime and arrested, though he is unable to find out what he has been accused of due to obfuscating rules and an encumbered legal system. His trial unfolds over the course... Continue Reading →


by Stephen King, Joe Hill A father, his headstrong son, his old war buddy from Vietnam and seven other road brothers of The Tribe (Live on the Road, Die on the Road) get mixed up in a deal that goes bad. Very bad. While discussing the matter in a restaurant parking lot they become aware... Continue Reading →

I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream

by Harlan Ellison “All hope is gone. There is no return save by miracles, and there are no more miracles for the common among common men.” This book occupies a special place, being the only of its kind, in that it sits nearly unbeaten at the top of the ‘Rated Collections’ pile without a single... Continue Reading →

The Lucid Dreaming

by Lisa Morton “He’s let us down big, and I’ve got a word or two for Him when we finally meet. These guys think I’ve got a problem with foul language now? Wait until they hear what I’d unleash on the Big Daddy upstairs.” Ashley, a paranoid schizophrenic, is confined to a psychiatric institution in... Continue Reading →

Odd Adventures with your Other Father

Odd Adventures with your Other Father – Norman Prentiss “He’d been a stone judge, keeping his emotions in check. Now, something broke through.” This novel has an interesting framework where one part is a series of stories Celia’s father Shawn told her about her other father, Jack, who died when Celia was four. These stories... Continue Reading →

SEAL Team 666

by Weston Ochse “Screams are just pain leaving the body.” Jack Walker, SEAL in training, is pulled weeks before graduation and given assignment to a small, unknown group. Initially resenting the move and lamenting his chance to lead a ‘normal’ SEAL life, he soon realizes that not only are these soldiers the finest in the... Continue Reading →

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