Off Season

by Jack Ketchum Every so often life reminded you of how grimy and carnal a creature man could be if he set himself to it. Carla has retreated from New York City to the woods to work on her book, and she has invited her sister and a few friends to join her for the... Continue Reading →

Bird Box

by Josh Malerman It’s the end times, people. And if it’s a matter of a creature our brains are incapable of comprehending, then we deserve it. People begin committing suicide in strange, escalating acts of violence and conspiracy theorists start believing the deaths have something to do with creatures, demons, spirits or aliens they’ve seen immediately... Continue Reading →

World War Cthulhu

by Various Authors, Brian M. Sammons, Glenn Owen Barrass (Ed.) "That was the problem with being born; it was just asking for trouble." "Mysterious Ways" - C.J. Henderson Consisting of 22 tales in the Cthulhu Mythos, World War Cthulhu attempts to chronicle the fight back against the unbeatable creatures from Lovecraft's world. If you've read... Continue Reading →

Prisoner 489 (Black Labyrinth book 2)

by Joe R. Lansdale “That would be funny. Kettle brings the supplies and that thing is waiting on the dock for him with one of our legs. Well, not that funny.” “No. Not that funny.” Three men work as kinds of caretakers on a mysterious prison island which houses the truly bad. One of the... Continue Reading →

Deep Like the River

by Tim Waggoner “You can’t have her. You don’t deserve her.” A short novella with a hell of a grip, the story takes place almost entirely on a canoe floating downstream as Alie and her sister Carin rush to preserve the life of a baby found alone on a sandbar upstream. Told in an economic... Continue Reading →

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