He Who Walks in Shadow

by Brett J. Talley But in an insane world, all shall dwell in madness. In this sequel to That Which Should Not Be, we pick up with Carter Weston decades after the events of the first book. Carter still holds the Incendium Maleficarum, but the book stops singing to him the moment a certain German... Continue Reading →

That Which Should Not Be

by Brett J. Talley Words, my young friend. Words are all the power in the Universe. It was by words God created the Earth, the heavens and Hell. Is it any surprise that a book be the most powerful force in the world? Carter Weston, a young student from Miskatonik University, is dispatched to recover... Continue Reading →

Limbus, Inc. Book II

by Various Authors, Brett J. Talley (Ed.) “You can probably already tell that I am simply filled to the fucking brim with a joy for life and an overwhelming love of my fellow man, so—my whimsical wit and sparkling conversation skills aside, pay attention.” (Braunbeck) Prologue: Darknet hacker Conrad ‘Jack Rabbit’ McKay is laying low in... Continue Reading →

Limbus, Inc.

by Various Authors – Anne C. Petty (Ed.) “There always is a story. And there is a story here, Mr. Dixson. But you must discover it. If you are to do that, you must see what I have to show you. You must understand the world better than you know it now.” Limbus, Inc. is... Continue Reading →

Ghost Road Blues (Pine Deep Trilogy book 1)

by Jonathan Maberry "Still, it had held enough magic to kill the devil, and what more can you ask of a guitar than that?" Modern horror has a slightly different flavor than traditional, and especially classic, horror. When we look back on horror of the past we find ourselves saying things like, "this worked really well... Continue Reading →

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