The Foundation trilogy

by Isaac Asimov “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right!” In 1966 the Hugo Awards presented a new category: Best All-Time Series. Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy won, knocking out its competition which included no less than The Lord of the Rings. Using advanced mathematics Hari Seldon has predicted the fall... Continue Reading →

A Mountain Walked

by Various Authors, S.T. Joshi (Ed.) “This prayer must be for you—for you and all the others who must be left behind, who cannot walk with me, up that final flight of wooden stairs, to peace and escape, who must go on living in the shadow of a monstrous evil of which they are not even... Continue Reading →

War and Space

by Lester del Rey “They needed a new frontier, free of national barriers, where the headstrong could fight nature instead of their brothers.” I say, “Grandmaster,” you say, “yeah.” Grandmaster Yeah! Grandmaster Yeah! Most of us are familiar with at least a few of the 33 authors on the SFWA Grand Master list. They have... Continue Reading →

The Averoigne Chronicles

by Clark Ashton Smith “The skies are haunted by that which it were madness to know; and strange abominations pass evermore between earth and moon and athwart the galaxies.” Spanning a period of hundreds of years, these stories predominantly take place in the fictional region of Averoigne, loosely based upon France's real world Auvergne. Populated... Continue Reading →

The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

by Robert E. Howard “Man was not always master of the earth—and is he now?” Here he is, the legendary creator of the Sword and Sorcery genre, in his element. Even in their adventure tales it was horror and darkness that shaped Conan’s stoicism and provided the motive for Solomon Kane. Bran Mok Mon lived... Continue Reading →

Worlds of Weber

by David Weber Every time I've gotten into trouble in my life, it's been because someone convinced me it was the 'right thing to do.' This career retrospective collection covers a range of speculative fiction including some decently hard science fiction, some military fantasy and some historical fiction. It’s a massive book with a quarter... Continue Reading →

A Touch of the Creature

by Charles Beaumont Satan sipped at his liquor and scrooged up his face. “This here is a highly unusual conversation,” says he. “Hmm. You want ta know what I do with souls, hey? Let’s see now: give me a minute ta study . . . Hmm. You mean, what do I do with—Well, I—That is—Hellfire,... Continue Reading →

Make Something Up

by Chuck Palahnuik “By the time you turn thirty, your life is about escaping the person you’ve become in order to escape the person you’ve become in order the escape the person you started as.” Folks talk about varied collections. The phrase “runs the gamut” has been overused to the extent you might cringe whenever... Continue Reading →

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