Broken Empire, The – trilogy

by Mark Lawrence

The Builders are extinct and the world exists in a technologically bereft dark ages where the walls of reality are wearing thin while our main character quests for revenge and the throne. Jorg is relentless, brutal and thinking only of himself as he kills everyone in his path. This 14-year-old prince is one of the most interesting contradictions of personalities you can read, and he’s got some kind of spark, an unshakable willpower which carries the trilogy all by itself from bloodbath to battle and back, again and again with the boy running straight towards trouble and never backing down. The story is mainly told in 3 sections of Jorg’s life, with him at 10, 14 and 18 years of age, threading between the stages.

Mr. Lawrence’s style can feel a little abrupt at times, swinging between seemingly unrelated snatches of story, and these parts of the tale are woven into the overall thread by adding up pieces. It works but doesn’t always feel smooth.

The trilogy is highly recommended. The third book may actually be the weakest by comparison, but a terrific ending boosts it and keeps everything in the 4 star ‘excellent’ category.

Jorg is relentless, merciless and indestructible in that he stamps out everything that might beat him before it can be brought to bear. He’s a unique character that is strong beyond what we’ve experienced. He’s one of the best bad guys, or the worst good guys, you’ve ever seen.

Mark Lawrence has a new fan.

Prince of Thorns – 4+
King of Thorns – 4
Emperor of Thorns – 4-

“The future is a dark place. We all die there.”

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