Farewell, My Lovely

by Raymond Chandler “Who put me in here, why and how? I’m in a wild mood tonight. I want to go dance in the foam. I hear the banshees calling. I haven’t shot a man in a week. Speak out, Dr. Fell. Pluck the antique viol, let the soft music float.” In addition to the outstanding... Continue Reading →

Vengeance is Mine!

by Mickey Spillane "Cut it out." "No." She drew the word out. Her eyes were half closed. "It's me that wants you, Mike. I'll do what I can to get you. I won't stop. There's never been anyone else like you." "Later." "Now." Sex! Gorgeous, naked women feature heavily in this novel, and that’s saying something... Continue Reading →

The Dain Curse

by Dashiell Hammett "Kill yourself into a hole, and the chances are a time comes when you have to kill yourself out." In the author's second novel the Continental Op feature in Red Harvest is dispatched to the investigation of a few stolen diamonds. He quickly discovers the theft has elements which don't add up... Continue Reading →

My Gun is Quick

by Mickey Spillane He couldn't lose me now or ever. I was the guy with the cowl and the scythe. I had a hundred and forty black horses under me and an hourglass in my hand, laughing like crazy until the tears rolled down my cheeks. Our ultra-violent, hard as rock private detective Mike Hammer... Continue Reading →

I, the Jury

by Mickey Spillane Maybe I'll even give the rat a chance to get me. More likely not. I hate too hard and shoot too fast. Mickey Spillane’s first published novel introduces the iconic private investigator, Mike Hammer. As the book opens Hammer is standing over the body of his best friend Jack who’s been shot... Continue Reading →

Red Harvest

by Dashiell Hammett She looked as if she were telling the truth, though with women, expecially blue-eyed women, that doesn't always mean anything. The Continental Detective Agency, a San Francisco based investigative firm, dispatches an agent to take a job in Personville, locally known as Poisonville. The nameless investigator goes about his hired duties of... Continue Reading →

The Big Sleep

by Raymond Chandler "I don't mind if you don't like my manners. They're pretty bad. I grieve over them during the long winter evenings." Because nearly everyone who reads this book today will have already seen the seminal film, there are a few things we’ve got to get out of the way. First, the characters in... Continue Reading →


by Vera Caspary “But I warn you, McPherson, the activities of crooks and racketeers will seem simple in comparison with the motives of a modern woman.” A girl has been murdered in her upper-class apartment, and a murder investigation is beneath the qualifications of the lieutenant assigned to the case. But he does his duty... Continue Reading →


by Charles Willeford Sober, I was always embarrassed about my appearance, but I didn’t intend to stay sober very long. An extraordinarily bleak tale, even for the noir genre, Pick-Up is the story of a failed artist, now a grill man in San Francisco, working just enough to make sure he’s able to keep up... Continue Reading →

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